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"Tarde de Itapua"

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CD-Music - My Channel

CD-Music - My Channel
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Ammy Amorette:  "Plan :D"
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Ammy Amorette: "Plan :D"

Ammy Amorette
Ammy Amorette Primogénita
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Ammy Amorette Primogénita

ammy amorette
Ammy Amorette Plan:D Enredada primavera
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Ammy Amorette Plan:D Enredada primavera

Ammy Amorette
La tirana de Tite Curet Ammy Amorette.
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La tirana de Tite Curet Ammy Amorette.

Ammy Amorette



2016-2019 Performance in MIchigan, USA

November 2015     - Showcase Concert at D 'Holidays Fest at Campus Martius Park, Detroit, USA
December 20    15     -  Lucky Strike Novi USA, Detroit, USA
February 2016     -  Majestic Cafe, Detroit, USA
August 2016         -  Presentation of Michigan Radio station 101.9 FM WDET Performing in Capital Park September 2016. Performing Arts Beats & Eats Festival Downtown Royal Oak on the Vibe International Stage in East Lansing Folk, Detroit, USA
October 2017         -  Butter Festival 2017 , East Lansing, Mi, USA
Jul 2017          - Festival 2017 Latin Festival Plaza del Sol, Detroit,USA
August 2017        - Great Lakes Falls Festival, City Hall Stage,  East Lansing, Mi, USA
October 2017     - Spirit Plaza Summer Lunchtime Cultural Series, Detroit, MI, USA
July 2018         - Concert of Colours Meijer Main Stage, Orchestra Hall, Max M& Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center, Detroit, USA
September 2018     - Jackson Festival 2018, Brazilian Day Street Fest, Detroit, USA
May 2019         - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Clark Park, Detroit, USA


Cultural Center of Arts and Culture // Auditorum 

Regions in Chile:  Tarapaca (Alto Hospicio) and Coquimbo (Ovalle).

o   6 concerts in Northern Region of Chile.
o   Dates of the performance between Dic 2016-February 2017.


University of Chile, Santiago.

o   One Concert of Studium Clousure, Region In Chile: Santiago.

o   Date of the performance February 2017.

Date / Time / Location : CHILE - Jan- Feb 2017 

• Nov.2016 , I was selected and won the chilean prize from the  Foundation of Arts, Music & Culture  Funding of Chile "Fondart 2016 . Prize for the diffusion of the arts and music . She won this prize with her proposal to promote Primogenita and Plan D  music in  areas where cultural performances such Jazz Music are very rare or difficult to schedule for geographical
o The performance consists in 6 concerts in Northern Region of Chile.
o Northern Regions in Chile:  Tarapaca and Coquimbo.
o Dates of the performance between Dic 2016-February 2017.
o Audience : between 270-600 people in each scenario.

And an extra performance as part of the Prize for the diffusion of the arts and music of will be made as closure ceremony in the University of Chile.
• Region In Chile: Santiago.
• Date of the performance February 2017.
• Audience: over 650 people. (Ages between 14-18 years old)



2016 - Performace and Concerts


- Feb.2016   Performance at Majestic Hotel, Michigan  

- Mar.2016   Performance at the Radio WDET 101.9 Michigan

- Sept.2016  Performance in Michigan at:

             Arts Beats & Eats Festival of Michigan

             Downtown Royal Oak on the Vibe International Stage of Michigan

- Octb.2016  Performance with Group: Ensamble New Jazz Detroit, MI 

December 01, 2016

PERFORMANCE - 2016 - December

2013 - 2015 - Performance and Concerts

- 2013 -2014- 2015 Performing at the Prestigious  Jazz Club Zinco DEF, MEXICO 

- Aug.2015 Concert at CINETECA - The National Cinema Museum, DEF.MEXICO

- Dec.2015 Lucky Strike Lounge, Sextet., Novi, MI , USA

- Nov.2015 Concert at the Showcase D'Holidays Fest at Campus Martius Park, Detroit. MI, USA

2003 - 2012 - Performance and Concert

2002 - 2003 - Record of First CD: "Primogenita" and Tour promoting the CD in CHILE.

2004 - Performing in Jazz Festival, Jalapa, MEXICO

2004 - Performing in Jazz Festival, Veracruz, MEXICO

2005-2008 Production of new CD Bipolar and Experiemental Jazz

2008 - Performace at the Jazz Festival of Calama, North of CHILE.

2009 - Production and Launching New Cd  PLAN:D

2010-2011 -Performance and promotion , Jazz Club and Festivals. ie. Jazz Festival Del Bosque. Santiago de CHILE. 

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Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi



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"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Radio Michigan WDET 101.9 FM

Ammy Amorette´s Portfolio / CV / Resume



My name is Ammy.  I am a Chilean musician from the Metropolis of Santiago de Chile.  I have traded my urban existance for something much slower.  I currently reside in rural Michigan.  A stonethrow away from Lake Huron, close yet farther away from gigs in metro Detroit.  On the Farm, my companion in Arts, my husband Joshua shares my love for music. My passion is Jazz, Bossa Nova, Boleros, Pop y experimental music such Latin Jazz Fusion.

 My personal quest is to progress as an individual, musician and as a composer.   

I have recorded two studio albums of my own compositions in Chile through generous suport of the Chilean Goverment's FONDART program.  Music is my way of communicating my own existence.  I am reluctant to follow the steps of others.  However, I admire the greatest, the incredible mothers and fathers of the Jazz and Bossa styles.

I often look for inspiration through exploration of new ideas, creative approaches and original thoughts.  While my creative process is sometimes frustrating and at other times illuminating, it is an enormous blessing, to be led by the music that beats in my heart and soul.  The task of creation? To create a new musical piece, my motto in life is "Create a new beauty, with my best energy“.    As a human being and artist I look for a sense of balance, open communication and harmony in the "WWW": Wonderful Wide World.  I would love to invite you to share with me this experience through my music. 

You will be able to experience something that is very important to me in a very deep, gut level which is love for music. And if you


support my work, please consider yourself sincerely appreciated!

Warmest regards,

Ammy Amorette

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